How to learn english using internet resources

Hi little learner!!!

We are going to show you how to learn english using internet resources.

English languaje

The first thing we are going to do is work in four differents areas:

  • Reading.
  • Listening.
  • Writting.
  • Speaking.

-> Reading:

  • Maybe this is the easiest thing to do using internet. We can find a lot of text writting in english. Is better to look for things we like. For examples, I like cooking so I would look for cooking recipes.
  • Another interesting thing to do is look for english ebooks you can download and print so we can read it when ever we want.

-> Listening:

We can do mainly two things:

* Watch movies, tv or series
Google Video

  • Some TDT series and movies can be listened on original version.
  • Youtube and google videos has a lot of english videos. They have their own channels you can subscribe to.
  • You can download movies and series from internet using P2P free software program like emule or Ares.
  • YouTube

  • There are some new program that support on-line streaming and let you watch tv, programs or series, even download. A good option is an open source program called miro.

* Listen music, radio,audiobooks, …

  • JuiceThere are some special kind of radio program wich are upload to internet and anyone can download it and reproduce it on any portatil reproducer like ipod. Theese kind of radio program are called podcast (from ipod and broadcast). There are a lot of programs to manage them easily. Here you have a seeker for podcasts.

-> Writting:

  • The easiest thing to do is writting to other person that want to interchange emails in english. He could be a native person or just study colleague.
  • Another thing to do is to write your own english blog. For example one thing to can do is write want your are currently studing. So if you are studing present perfect you write an entry about present perfect with the rules, examples and so on; and answer the comments people can send you. Don’t think you have nothing to show the world. This is the main excuse.
  • If your level is good enough is very good to use chats and IRC programs. This improve your english level quickly and you can speak (well write) to different people on every day. This is very good to learn and is very enjoy.

-> Speaking:

This is the more difficult option to perform. The single way I guess is talk with someone that already speak english or want to learn english and talk to him using skype or gtalk.




Other resources:

  • MoreThanEnglish. This is a great place with a lof of resources. It worthy to visit it.
  • Ten tips to learn english.
  • This is the post that give me the idea. It is a spanish written post, and I think this post is better than mine.
  • Puebloingles. This is a kind of intensive english course. You spend several days at a little town where no one speak spanish.

Note: “””This is a summary of using internet resources for learning english. This summay can be improve, redistribute by anyone and the finally target is people learn english. So use it and improve whatever you want.“””


8 comentarios to “How to learn english using internet resources”

  1. Helen Says:

    mister riverDD

    Do you sabe that i spek inglish more good, but a mi no like that your post esten in inglish ¿ok?

    Ea! pues ya lo sabes 😉

  2. RiverDD Says:

    I now it, but this one only, okey?


  3. Helen Says:

    mmmmm, ok, but solo becouse is one!


  4. RiverDD Says:

    Un especie de karaoke con letras en ingles

  5. temps Says:

    Merci pour cette info

  6. RiverDD Says:

    you are welcome!!!

    Hope this be useful.

    Add your resources, copy this port, link this post, …. improve it, and share it. It would be better for all.

  7. RiverDD Says:

    Por si a alguien le interesa he encontrado un sitio donde se puede descargar mucho material para preparar el IETLS, una prueba de nivel parecida al TOEFL.

    Esta es la entrada del blog donde lo encontré

    Y este es el enlace web donde puedes encontrar todo el material.

    Por cierto, para aquellos que usen linux se lo pueden descargar todo del tirón con wget. Este es el comando.

    $ wget -r

    A disfrutar del inglés 🙂

  8. Cuando copiar un post « Pasaba por aqui… Says:

    […] si eres legal, eres legal. Por ejemplo, el post más visto de mi blog hasta el día de hoy, how to learn english using internet resources, para mi sería un honor que alguien lo copiase y lo […]


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